Payouts: How Long Will it Take For Funds to Reach My Bank?

Once a donation is received by your campaign, it will be transferred automatically to your bank account. There is nothing you need to do to initiate the transfer.

In total, there may be a 14 to 21 day delay before the funds reach your bank.
The precise timetable for a given donation to be ready for payout is as follows: 10 business days must elapse from the time of a donation for it to be paid out. Thus, if a donation was made 9 business days before the current Monday, another week would need to pass before the funds will be paid out.

Why is this delay necessary?
In part, the delay is to protect Stripe (the credit card processor) and you as the fundraiser from fraudulent charges and disputed donations.

You can view the status of your payouts from your dashboard by visiting the Financials page in the left-hand menu and then expanding the box entitled “Future Transactions”.